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With over 17 years of experience and counting, NCE Lifesciences has been a pioneer in bringing novel products and services for clinical and preclinical research in India.

Since 1998, we have worked with many western clinical & preclinical CROs, lab animal & diet producers, and research equipment producers. We have been marketing these products and services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as government research organisations in India.

Our target market has always been the Indian drug discovery R&D labs – big pharma, small and big biotech companies, CROs collaborating with MNCs for research of new medicines, and Government-owned research institutes.

Pioneers in introducing novel products and services in India

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About Us
Bina RamaniCEO
27 years of rich experience of various areas including R&D, Regulatory, Organization building, Marketing and Management of companies. Focus on maintaining & growing credibility through par-excellent services.
Management 95%
Marketing 80%
About Us
Dr Ravi TahilramaniDirector, Business Development
An enthusiast and explorer by nature, with a Master’s in General Medicine, a Msc Clinical Research and a family background of Business Development. Speaks 7 languages & travels worldwide.
Management 85%
Technical Marketing 95%


NCE Lifesciences started in the year 1998 as a marketing company, providing marketing services to UK-based Clinical Phase I CRO – SIMBEC RESEARCH, promoting their services to Indian pharmaceutical companies engaged in drug discovery.

In 2003, NCE tied-up with RCC Labs (Switzerland) for preclinical services marketing. Due to the tremendous success in India, RCC decided to set up a preclinical lab in India. In 2004, RCC India was established with NCE’s support.

In 2005, NCE became exclusive agents for Harlan Inc. (USA & Europe) in India. NCE was very successful in growing Harlan’s research models and diets market share in India. In 2014, NCE assisted Harlan in setting up breeding facilities and warehouses in India.

Since 2009, NCE worked with many other companies (MPI, Medicilon, bSys, Biotest, BSL, Proqinase, etc.), as well as equipment and instrumentation companies, promoting their products in India.

Besides introducing novel products & services to Indian Research community, NCE organized many successful seminars showcasing our Principal’s expertise & providing training to Indian scientists.

Our Innovative Principals that drive us forward and support research in India

Instech Laboratories

Instech has been the leader in laboratory animal infusion research with products for oral gavage in rats and mice, catheters, PinPorts and blood sampling.

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Innovive Inc

Leader in disposable rodent housing supplying innovative IVC cages for rats and mice, with over 500 installations in laboratory animal houses worldwide.

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Their products range from Rack Washers, Tunnel Washers, to Vacuum Bedding Dispensers with object recognition technology and sorting conveyors.

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